Lasagne are wide, flat shaped pasta, and can refer to a dish made with several layers of lasagne sheets.   Alternated with sauces and various other ingredients.  It is common to find lasagne made with Ricotta or Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, various meats and vegetables.  Traditional dishes are seasoned with wine, garlic, onion, and oregano.


INGREDIENTS : Durum Wheat Semolina

About the Brand : Arrighi is one of the finest and oldest creator of pasta , exporting to US markets, Europe, Middle and Far East and Africa. 

Founded in 1930 by Mr. Renato Arrighi, the company established its headquarters in Carmagnola, Italy.  Mr. Arrighi's firm was one of the first pasta factories to ever supply the emerging supermarkets chain.  Arrighi clubbed with Italpasta in 2004 and created Pasta Berruto which is a leading brand of pasta in today’s globalized market. Arrighi provides three major types of pasta Le Classiche, Le Speciali, Le Integrali for its customers.  Renowned internationally for product quality, Arrgihi promises satisfactory results to all its customers.